7Cs 'an informational guide to young children's outdoor play spaces'

This informational guide is a fantastic resource for any parents, care centres or community groups looking to create a nature play space for their children.  Full of simple and straightforward advice this document can be used as a guide to assist with design of play spaces to ensure children gain physical, social and mental wellbeing benefits from play.

The guide has been developed based on the findings of a five-year multidisciplinary study of outdoor play spaces in 16 childcare centres across Vancouver, Canada.  The seven C's of design include character, context, connectivity, change, chance, challenge and conclusions.  The guide includes practical examples and images to help you understand the different design principles.

Remember to always apply local context to any recommendations within guidelines.  The Western Australian climate and our design standards are different to those in Canada and may impact on some of the recommendations within the guideline.

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