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Friday 16 Jul 2021

Senior Ranger. Ages 7-12

Mundaring, 6073

16 Jul 2021 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Hike along the tracks and trails as we delve deeper into the role of a ranger, visit the fire sheds and become reptile aware as you work towards your senior ranger qualification. For ages 7-12 this activity is held at Perth Hills Discovery Centre and…

Saturday 21 Aug 2021

Frog Forage. Ages 6+ LS

Noranda, 6062

21 Aug 2021 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

The search is on, so hop along to join this fun adventure! Pop on your gum boots and forage for frogs. Learn how to attract frogs into your garden with ideas on creating the perfect frog pond. Our ‘froggie’ guide will show you how to tune into an…
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"My Outdoor Classroom" Launched!

by Ellery Spychalski

Our pals over at Outdoor Classroom Day just released 7 activities on Nature Passport - the free app designed by Nature Play WA and IslandWood to get kids and families playing, exploring, and learning outdoors. Play through the “My Outdoor Classroom” pack of activities when you get the free app, and transform your kids’ sedentary screen time into active, outdoors time! Read more…

Nature Play WA at the Caravan and Camping Show 2018

by Nicole McNamara

Nature Play WA had a great weekend at the RAC Caravan and Camping Show on March 24-25. We spent two fantastic days helping families to build cubbies, create nature crafts and draw on our big chalkboards, undeterred by the on-and-off rain. As we often say – there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes! Read more…

How to stop saying “be careful” and what to say instead

by Katherine Healy

As the parent of three children aged 16 to 5, I feel as though my entire adult life has been calling out “Be careful!” “Watch out!” or “Go easy!” (this last one was a favourite of my beloved grandmother). And I’m tired of it. To stop saying the obligatory, there are a couple of simple tips I’ve been trying, which need just a little practise to make a part of your repertoire. Read more…

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