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Loose Parts play is an engaging and motivating way for children to utilise a range of repurposed and natural materials as resources for outdoor play and learning. The open-ended, sensory and multipurpose nature of loose parts invites inventiveness an…

The fourth webinar provides an overview of the Dimensions of Outdoor Learning from the Australian Curriculum. There is a strong focus on developing skills and knowledge, developing relationships between children and nature, sustainability and most im…

“Let’s go out and have some fun!” The final webinar in our series features Nature Play WA CEO, Griffin Longley, in conversation about how parents can create special memories through taking their children outside and sharing experiences. He enc…
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Getting The Screen Time Balance Right - A Big Part of Modern Family Life

by Griffin Longley

Getting the screen time balance right is a big part of modern family life. But how do you do that? What does healthy screen-based technology (i-tech) use look like? And is i-tech really that bad for you anyway? At Nature Play WA we are acutely aware of how confusing the screen time dilemma is. It seems like every new research article we come across says something different. We also know from a survey of 1,000 Australian parents we conducted with support from Omo last year that parents think screens are the single biggest obstacle to kids playing outside. Read more…

Research Allsorts and Screen Troubles for Toddlers

by Griffin Longley

Research is like a box of chocolates – if they took half a day to unwrap and kept swapping from chocolate to carob and back again. It’s just confusing. And sometimes you just feel like chucking the whole thing away and taking a spoon to the Milo tin. Read more…

Nature Based Christmas Craft

by Ellery Spychalski

The Nature Play WA team have compiled a list of Christmas craft projects that families can have a crack at this December. Read more…

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COVID-19 Self Isolation Resources for Families

Discover awesome new resources supporting families spending time together during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Nature Play WA works to "rewild" one of our state's most endangered species!

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