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New Ways to Help Promote Your Business with Nature Play WA

You’ve built an organisation committed to providing outdoor play opportunities for children.  So have we.

We’ve been working with Western Australia’s leading playground designers and builders to promote nature play opportunities and resources to the wider community, and to continue to offer this, we need your support. 

For the past seven years, Nature Play WA has provided promotion of nature playground designers, builders and service providers to our growing and engaged audience, free of charge.  We will continue to provide this service, while adding new opportunities to promote your business through the Nature Play WA website, app and communications platforms.

Nature Play WA is working to broaden our reach, develop new opportunities and ensure the sustainability of our organisation, to allow us to continue to support and promote others in our industry.

How will your business benefit by supporting us?

You’ll have the opportunity to advertise on our website, app and in our direct emails to our focused and passionate audience, who trust and respect us as an advocate for the benefits of nature play.  We have identified key sections of our website that we will make available for advertising a select number of businesses we believe offer an exceptional service in the nature play space.

Nature Play WA’s position as a leading voice in promoting outdoor play for children, and the benefits of nature play for Western Australian families gives us a valued voice in the space, and promotion of your business on our website is a reflection of our high opinion of your business.

Who is Nature Play WA?

Nature Play WA is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation committed to helping Western Australian families make unstructured play outdoors, “nature play”, a normal part of their daily lives.

We are a collaborative organisation with partner groups spanning a diverse range of sectors including health, environment, education and sport.

Nature Play WA strives to develop novel initiatives and resources that inspire families of children aged 0-12 years to play, learn and be physically active in nature while raising awareness of the importance of unstructured outdoor play on children’s health, wellbeing and resilience.

Nature Play WA has an extensive and ever-growing network of interested parents, schools, early childcare centres and peak body representatives who support the nature play ethos.  These include 11,000+ subscribers to our quarterly enewsletter, 25,800+ Facebook audience members and 90,900+ unique visitors to our website.

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Nature Play WA website is well-placed as a community hub for news, research, activities and events relating to outdoor play, nature playgrounds and the associated benefits to childhood development. 

Nature Play WA’s organic search engine listings are consistently excellent, with Nature Play WA holding the first, second and/or third place spots for the top 65 nature play-related search terms on Google and Bing.  We appear in up to as many as 7 of the top 10 places for most of these terms.  Our search engine positions are due partly to the in-depth and relevant content on our website that is regularly and thoroughly updated, along with the breadth and quality of the information we provide, and the longevity of our position in the nature play space. 

Our website offers an excellent opportunity for relevant commercial providers of nature play-related services to reach families, educators, local governments, schools and early learning centres in Western Australia.

Nature Play WA key annual website statistics:

90,982 unique visitors
251,730 page views

Visitors to nature play space-related pages:

Nature Playgrounds – 7,252
Benefits of Nature Playgrounds – 5,298
Nature Playground Suppliers – 3,410
Landscape Designers – 2,198
Case Studies – 2,034
Loose Parts Suppliers – 1,729


Nature Play WA’s app features insider information about key nature play spaces in Western Australia, including parks, national parks, beaches and nature playgrounds, with detailed information about each location and its proximity to the app user, along with details about Nature Play WA events, digital trails to explore and a nature play bingo game to play.

With more than 6,200 app users (a number that is growing every day), Nature Play WA provides on-the-go, location-specific information for our audience on the very best of WA’s nature play spaces. 


Nature Play WA distributes a state-wide enewsletter to a targeted audience of over 11,000+ subscribers each quarter in advance of each school holiday period.

The enewsletter is full of activity suggestions and highlights relevant services, activities, events and gear that allow families to enjoy hiking, kayaking, camping, biking, geocaching and other outdoor pursuits.

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Advertising Opportunities

Nature Playgrounds section – website

The Nature Playgrounds section of our website features 13 pages, including:

Nature Playgrounds (main page)
Getting Started
Landscape Designers
Nature Playground Equipment Suppliers
Loose Parts Suppliers
Safety Considerations
Relevant Standards
Playground Safety Consultants
Case Studies (main page)


There are opportunities for full- and half-width advertisements to be featured above the footer on each of these pages.

Case Study section – website

13 pages currently available (more available as additional case studies are published)

There are opportunities for full- or half-width advertisements to be featured at the end of the case study content on each of these pages.  Businesses will be offered advertising space on relevant case studies they designed and/or constructed.  

Example Website Advertisements:

Places to Go section – website & Play in WA Nature Playgrounds section – app

38 places availablewebsite and app (more available as additional places added to website and app)

There are opportunities for full-width advertisements to be featured on each “Place to Go” on the Nature Play WA website and “Play in WA Nature Playgrounds” on the Nature Play WA app. Businesses will be offered advertising space on relevant nature play spaces they designed and/or constructed.

Example App Advertisement:












Banner advertisements (2) and business listing (6) opportunities in each of our quarterly direct email communications.

Find Out More

Want to find out more about advertising your business or service with Nature Play WA?  Explore our website and app to find the best place for your advertisement to appear, download out Media Kit/Rate Card, call us on (08) 3989 4050 for more details or complete a booking form to place your ad*.


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* Please be aware that all advertisements must be relevant and appropriate to Nature Play WA’s target audience, which includes parents of children aged 0 – 12, primary school teachers, child care centre staff, local governments, child counsellors / therapists, developers and partner organisations.  Nature Play WA reserves the right to accept or reject advertisements at our discretion.

All finished advertising artwork should be submitted for publication in jpg or png formats at a file size of no larger than 1MB.

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