An Adventurous One-Nighter

"We should go camping more."  We had agreed, but finding a moment for a camping holiday seemed out of reach.  And so time kept moving forward and still no tent and fire for us.

It wasn’t until I was on the Department of Parks and Wildlife website for work when, on a whim, I decided to  searched for campgrounds less than a two-hour drive from Perth.  I couldn’t believe Lane Pool Reserve was just an hour and half out of Perth, near Dwellingup, and close enough for an overnighter.

I booked it and away we went! It was as easy as that. Camping, we are a GO!

Lane Pool has been a favourite for WA families for decades. But I, like so many Perthlings, grew up outside of WA and so Lane Pool was a welcome discovery so close to the city.

We packed the swag, dinner and two camping chairs and headed off.

Heading south we stopped in at Pinjarra for the obligatory road trip pie. It was a beautiful sunny day and we ate the pies on the river banks, feeling slightly guilty as three languid cows eyeballed us from their resting spot opposite.

Arriving at the campsite is an experience in itself.  The roads turn to dust, the trees are dense and there are bridges across the flowing Murray River.  We pulled in and set up camp by about 3:30pm.

Once the campsite was set up we were off for a hike along the river.  The water was deep and flowing well, there were kids (and adults) having a great time playing in the mud of the river banks, whilst canoes clambered over rocks and kept paddling down river. 

The south west bush has many small delicate flowers hidden amongst the foliage and it made the walk fun finding and identifying the different flowers, If you look closely you can find flowers year round.

Plus it was a Super Moon, which meant that our poor consideration to camp lighting was solved by nature!  The moon was so bright we actually had to zip the roof on our swag closed to make it dark enough to sleep #firstworldsupermooncampingproblems

L-R: My photo of the moon vs what the moon actually looked like. (Credit: Richard Tonello/Astronomy Education Services

 As is tradition with camping we were up early and after a camp breakfast and a walk back to the river for a swim we headed home.  Back by lunch we had enough time left in the day to get organised for work the next day. 

I couldn’t believe how refreshed I felt from one night away camping, it really is restorative.  It seemed a challenge to camp for one night, but it was actually fun, and we were suprised at how much nature we got to soak in in just one night away from home.  Find a night and go..  I can’t recommend it highly enough.


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