Gone Fishin'

With the school holidays approaching it's time to get out the lists of things to do, or pack the car up and take off on an adventure.  And while fishing is certainly reminiscent of childhood holidays for me, it can be done any afternoon or early morning, right here in the city.

Going fishing was one of my favorite holiday pastimes as a child.  Probably because I was blessed with the beginners luck most six year olds seem to have, snagging a fish first try.  While walking around the river last week I noticed a group of kids had joined the five or six older men who usually stake out their fishing spot, and what is usually a quiet reflective pastime was alive with laughter, questions and play.  Some children were waiting patiently with lines in the water, others inspecting the buckets dotted along the foreshore for proof of success.  Some children had broken out completely and were splashing in the water (probably not conducive to fishing) and climbing nearby trees.  In my experience all of these activities that make up a good fishing trip.  And all make up a fun day of play outdoors.  Most of the time all we need to add to a space to create a playground is children.

Fishing instills patience and a respect for our environment.  It provides a great opportunity to catch up and be present in each other’s conversations in a way that can be difficult with interruptions of modern technology.  Plus it is a pastime that can be enjoyed throughout your life.  And what’s not to love about spending a gorgeous Perth afternoon on the Swan River banks or on a rock outcrop above the Indian Ocean?

There are many great river fishing spots right here in Perth city.  You don’t need a boat or expensive equipment.  I have witnessed many fish get pulled in with nothing more than some bait, a bucket and a hand line. 

We recommend trying the East Perth Foreshore as a starter.  Even if you don’t catch a fish, the stunning scenery, a great hill for sliding down, birdlife, Southern Brown bandicoots and dolphin sightings make it a worthwhile destination.  Not to mention there are many nearby restaurants and shops, just in case you don’t have a six year old in tow to bag you dinner!

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