Jarrahdale Heritage Reserve and Gooralong Brook Adventure

A wonderful event was held in Jarrahdale on the weekend to bring together the local community and introduce the revitalised heritage reserve. There was a log-chopping competition, sausage sizzle, singing from the primary school and a marvellous bonfire. A wander down the Wattle Walk to the Gooralong Brook (which is being revegetated) saw young children giggling with delight as they played on the rocks, balanced along the fallen trees and some even splashed in the water despite the near-freezing conditions.  As the sun went down and the chill set in, it was great to see people gathering together and enjoying a baked potato cooked in the smouldering ashes of the bonfire.

The greatest part of this event was that it was all run by volunteers and brought together various community groups including the school P&C, volunteer bushfire brigade, heritage society and many people from the community.  It is these volunteers who have made the heritage park what it now is.  For years this land has sat idle and overgrown, with even locals not truly understanding the potential. Now, thanks to a few volunteers, this is a truly beautiful destination that will be treasured by locals and I believe become a day-trip destination for the people of Perth.

The day after the opening event we went back for a quiet walk and this is when I truly appreciated the beauty. There is a spring that produces water all through the year and the stream is running beautifully at the moment.  It was a bit tricky with our boys (who aren't yet walking) but we took the wagon and they certainly enjoyed the scenery.

Miss 3 had a fabulous time throwing sticks in the water and watching them bob along like boats. She tasted the spring water, looked out for frogs, listened to the birds and generally just enjoyed being out and about.

Jarrahdale is situated in the jarrah forest of the Darling Scarp, less than an hours drive from Perth.  The heritage reserve is best entered behind the Jarrahdale General Store where you can easily find car parking.

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