Top 5 Tips for Surviving Term 4

The Spring school holidays have flown by, and it’s time to head back to school for the last term of the school year.

Fourth term is always a busy time of year – it’s exam time for senior students, there’s a seemingly never-ending list of end of year concerts, awards nights and classroom parties to attend, with carols by candlelight thrown in for good measure. 

Parents are aware of the looming date of end of year holidays, and the upcoming celebrations, which isn’t helped by your FaceBook friends sharing “Only 10 Fridays left until Christmas!” posts.  (Yes, it is only 10 weeks… Everybody just breathe…)

Add work and family get-togethers on top of this, and you could have a recipe for disaster, (or a mini-breakdown) Never fear, we’ve got this covered.  Here are Nature Play WA’s Top 5 Tips for Surviving (and maybe even enjoying) Term 4.

  1. Spend time outside every day – it’s good for you and will lift your energy and sense of wellbeing
    • Try doing your homework in the backyard - fresh air and a change of scenery
    • Set up a play date with friends at your local nature reserve.  It's a good mental recharge.
    • Read a bedtime story under the stars. 
  2. Make your weekends count
    • Try not to fill your weekends with too many organised activities
    • Spend time together as a family
    • Give yourself time to just ‘muck around’
    • Play with your pets – it’s good for both of you
  3. Don’t let the fun stop just because the holidays are over
    • Use your sprinkler days to set up black plastic and dish washing detergent on the back lawn as a slippery dip
    • Play real-life versions of your favourite video games.  Get a together some cardboard boxes and build your own real-life Minecraft creation.Or for a real-life Angry Birds, build a cardboard box tower, add some strategically placed balls (Pigs) and fire tennis balls (Angry Birds) at your construction until it collapses!
  4. Take advantage of the great spring weather
    • Make a family tradition of heading out for a family dinner on Friday night, fish and chips at the beach or picnic at the park or in the bush.
    • Visit national parks and state forests – if you’re quick you’ll catch the last of the wildflowers
  5. Replace some of your screen time with green time
    • Watching screens soaks up a lot of mental energy
    • Being inactive makes you feel sluggish
    • Being outdoors helps recharge your batteries

We’ll be getting our daily dose of vitamin N (Nature!) to help us through to the end of the year, and we know if you can find just a little time out each day, you’ll feel so much better for it.

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