Australia's First Outdoor Classroom Day is Coming!

The day has come for Aussie kids to get out and learn among Mother Nature!

Australia's first Outdoor Classroom Day will be on Thursday September 7 and Aussie parents and teachers are urged to get their schools signed up.  It's brought together by Nature Play and powered by OMO as part of the Dirt is Good Campaign.

More than 70,000 kids in almost 900 schools across Australia have committed so far.  This global movement sees educators celebrating the benefits of both outdoor play and learning.  Across the world, more than 1.1 million children are involved.  That's 10,085 schools!

Research has found children spend way too much time indoors - 7 in 10 parents face challenges in getting their kids to play outside.  There's concern students are at risk of lacking fundamental 'success skills' to overcome and adapt to challenges.

When asked what they value most about their play time, Aussie primary school kids ranked their iPad or games console as the things they enjoy most about their day, more than playing with friends outdoors.  However, the majority of parents and kids say they would like more classes to take place in the sunshine.

To get involved head to the Outdoor Classroom Day website.


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