Autumn Activities - Fun Family Things to Do

The Easter Holidays are here, and it's the perfect time of year to get the family out and into nature!  Download and print out our Autumn Activities list, and check them off as you go.  Follow the links below for more information on where to go and top tips on getting started!.

Autumn Activities - Fun Family Things To Do
















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1. Cook on a campfire - Fire up the campfire (check for fire bans first!) and get the marshmallows ready, it's time for a cook out!  Find out more about our awesome Camp Nature Play, where we'll be campfire cooking as one of our family missions!
2. Hike in the hills - get the walking boots on and get out on the trail!  In our Hiking section you'll find a whole list of great hiking destinations to visit.
3. Take a family bike ride - Whether it's a sedate ride around the neighbourhood or a rough and ready mountain biking adventure, we've got you covered with all things Cycling.
4. Explore a cave - Want to get underground?  Explore WA's wonderful array of caves, from the small to the majestic!
5. Catch a fish - From throwing a line in off the jetty, to beach fishing and even getting out on the boat, fishing is a great family activity to try.
6. Pack the tent and hit the road - Need some tips on choosing the best campsite and getting your campsite ready?  Check out our Intro to Camping Videos!
7. Go kayaking - a great way to explore our rivers and beaches, kayaking is so much fun!  See our Kayaking section for details on where to go.
8. Have a snorkelling adventure - the weather is still pretty warm, so why not break out the snorkel gear and hit the beach or the river for some underwater exploration!
9. Meet a bilby - it is Easter after all!  Visit the Department of Parks and Wildlife to find the best place to see some native animals.
10. Visit a nature playground - Search for great nature play spaces in our Places to Go section (maybe you already have a list of great ones to visit!)

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