Nature Play Abounds at the New Chevron Parkland

Wandjoo (Welcome) to Chevron Parkland, officially opened as part of the Optus Stadium Open Day. We took a visit on January 24th to scope it out!

Note: Full play space listing available on the Nature Play WA app’s “PLAY IN WA” section. Visit the Apple iTunes store (Apple devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices) and search for Nature Play WA to download the free app!

Chevron Parkland is situated on the Swan River foreshore alongside the new Optus Stadium. There, you can enjoy the natural surrounds as your kids balance up high through the Qwandong Towers, meander through the Yaargan Dry Creek, step across the Deep Gorge, creep through the Numbat Burrows and ascend the Bullung Hangout.

Developed with input from the Whadjuk community, this vast space is inspired by the Noongar six seasons and features ten permanent 3D artworks by emerging WA Noongar artists. The Chevron Parkland sprawls over 2.6 hectares of rehabilitated land, with a wide range of engaging nature play elements for kids.

Here’s a quick tour from our visit… 

Check out the new Optus Stadium on your way to Chevron Parkland. As you arrive at the play space, you'll notice the massive Waanginy Boorna (message stick). This sculpture signifies an invitation to all nations be as one, in one ceremony in one place, at one time. Note: There are no toilet facilities at the play space, so use the bathrooms at Optus Stadium on your way! 

Pathways wind their way through the park land, punctuated by log steppers and native plants.   

Each of the six areas is inspired by one of the Noongar six seasons. The "Weitji Nest" inside the "Djernan Season"  area (aimed at younger children) is home to a series of hatching emu eggs.There are also plenty of sensory experiences to be had throughout the park, like the melodic drum pictured below. 

The impressive "Qwandong Towers" climbing structure is sure to keep bigger kids occupied, with sky-high forts and a tunnel slide to explore. 

The features don't stop there. Families can build cubbies using the sticks and frames at Mia Mia Hill; There's the "Deep Gorge" suspension bridge with a chunky rope to balance on; The"Bullung Hangout" climbing net is a great challenge; and the "Numbat Burrows" is as visually striking as it is fun.

Signage throughout the park is educational and provides activity suggestions. It is Chevron’s hope that the space will help young people connect to WA’s unique environment and Aboriginal culture. They have focused on native West Australian fauna rehabilitation through the planting of 160,000 seedlings and 500 mature trees. Over time these will grow to provide shade, however you should be warned that there is currently very little shade - so come prepared! 

The space has BBQ areas, shelters and picnic facilities too. Surrounding pathways are wheelchair friendly, and an additional sensory play space area will open soon.

Chevron Parkland at Optus Stadium is open year round at 333 Victoria Park Drive, Burswood, WA. For even more info on this play space, and lots more nature playground listings, interactive nature trails and more - download the free Nature Play WA app.

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