Cockburn Cardboard Central Event Overview


Nature Play WA event supported by the City of Cockburn.

Event Title

Cockburn Cardboard Central

Event Date

11 September 2021 


 Cockburn Cardboard Central was the first cardboard focused event for Nature Play WA, and was held at Manning Park in September 2021. The event was delivered by Nature Play WA with support from the City of Cockburn and Reece

About the Event

Cockburn Cardboard Central was a free community event held in Spearwood. The event offered families the opportunity to take part in nature play activities with a cardboard focus. 

Upon arrival, families were provided with a special Nature Play WA tool kit, full of cardboard crafting tools from MakeDo to assist in their constructions. As an unstructured event, families were able to take part in as little or as much as they were comfortable with. 

Cardboard Central was open from 10am, with city streets marked out and traffic lights in place. The first masterpieces to take flight included a post office, fire brigade and local library. We have to give a special mention to the family who created the magnificent skyscraper. 


Families were also encouraged to join Nature Players in the Maze to help us build a cardboard tunnel! We were amazed by the contribution of families and the “have no fear” attitude of many of our tunnel go-ers! 

Our friends from Educated by Nature and the Eco Faeries provided us with lots of fun, flags and bubbles! 

We would love to say a special thank you to our friends at Reece, who generously donated cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes. The team were back on site to recycle all leftover boxes. 


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