Cubby Town - Building Memories of Outdoor Fun!

Wow!  Our first ever Cubby Town event was a massive success, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Held on Sunday April 30th at the stunningly beautiful Yanchep National Park, an event that we thought might attract around 2,000 people (at most!) became an enormous celebration of families enjoying unstructured play in the great outdoors – with more than 5,000 parents, kids, grandparents, uncles, aunties and friends in attendance!

The weather was certainly in our favour, with bright blue skies and sunshine on show, making the cubby building event the biggest of its kind in Western Australia, possibly even nation-wide! 

From early Sunday morning families arrived at Yanchep Park, ready and raring to take part in a wide array of nature play, creative and adventurous activities.

We had so much fun with:

We were astounded at the amazing cubby creations we saw on display, from multi-dome buildings draped in netting to form a gauzy ceiling, to structures with rope roof “beams” strung between trees and branches laid along the sides to form a triangular tunnel dwelling, to hanging shades hovering three feet off the ground, suspended from overhead branches, it was a wonder to behold. 



From single-person snuggle spots, to cubbies large enough to hold the whole extended family, we witnessed the delightful interactions of parents with their children, grandparents with their grown-up kids and grandies, grand scale constructions (complete with on-site architects and engineers) and basic branch and string simplicity, with families working together to build not just a cubby but memories to be cherished long after the dwelling was gone, and Cubby Town a distant memory.


The team at Nature Play WA would like to extend a huge thank you to the City of Wanneroo for their financial and event support, and to Mayor Tracey Roberts for joining us to officially open Cubby Town, to the wonderful team at Yanchep National Park and Department of Parks and Wildlife, for allowing free entry to the park for the day, and for taking on the mammoth task of collecting all our cubby building resources, and to the Department of Sport and Recreation, our organisational partners.

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