Digital Doorknock App

Connecting children for local play. A tool to help parents communicate with parents in their neighbourhood to facilitate outside play.  


Use this app (designed and developed by Nature Play QLD) to get to know the families around you and develop friendships. 

Imagine your kids coming home from school, together checking the app play signal to see who can play and then getting outside to have fun! 

Set up your family profile securely, connect to other families where you live, see who is free to play, send messages to arrange play and call your kids home.  

Make new friends in your neighbourhood, invite those with kids near you to join in.  Share only what you are comfortable with.  

Take these simple steps to get started: 

  1. Download the free app and set up your profile 
  2. Invite your local families to do the same 
  3. Walk the street, look for signs of children and letter box drop invitation to join app 
  4. Set your family play signal and see when your local families are available to play 
  5. Chat to arrange details 
  6. Post events for your neighbourhood 

Research all over the world shows that play is vital for children’s development but despite this, children’s opportunities to grow and learn through play are diminishing.  More time is spent indoors engaging in sedentary activities. Only 19% of Australian children aged 5-7years meet physical activity guidelines of at least 60minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity a day (AHAK, 2016). 

The value placed on children’s playtime has been replaced with many competing activities. Bringing back play in our children’s lives to allow them to experience the magic of childhood... Connecting with their local friends, exercising their imaginations and their bodies, developing social skills and having simple fun.   


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Find out more about the app at Nature Play QLD - Digital Doorknock


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