Community and Creativity: the real treats of Halloween

Spooky costumes, trick or treating, and pumpkin-carving sessions in the backyard? Yes, please! Here at Nature Play WA, we think Halloween is a great opportunity to encourage creativity in kids while building a sense of community in your street or neighbourhood.

When we discuss the benefits of unstructured, outdoor play, it is often weighed up against the fear of letting kids loose in an environment full of potential dangers beyond our front doors. Halloween is a great chance to put these fears on hold. By going trick or treating with your children or organising a Halloween street party you’ll get to know your neighbours and your neighbourhood a little better.

If trick or treating isn’t your thing, there are lots of ways to create Halloween traditions that are safe, fun and suit your family. It’s a great chance to make stuff: homemade costumes, decorations, jack o’lanterns and more!

DIY Costumes

Does your child want to dress as a superhero? Zombie? Minion? Avoid cheap, store-bought costumes in favour of raiding the closet, the craft-drawer and your local op-shop to pull together the outfit. Quality time can be spent brainstorming, designing and creating a costume with your little one, and they’re sure to be excited and proud when the day comes to wear it.

Pumpkin Carving

Sitting outside in the sunshine, hollowing out and carving a pumpkin is another great way to spend an afternoon. Buy a big, orange pumpkin from the supermarket and let your kids draw a design to carve. Do they want their pumpkin to have a scary face? Maybe they want it to be friendly? The best part is when night falls, you can light a candle inside the pumpkin and watch it come to life.

Creepy Cooking

The household kitchen easily transforms into a creative workspace for kids. Try making toffee apples, scary cupcakes, jelly cup “brains”, or witch’s fingers biscuits! At Halloween, the possibilities are endless for creepy cooking projects.

Halloween Nature Scavenger Hunt

Or you can try the Halloween Nature Scavenger Hunt – and go for a walk outdoors with your kids as you try to mark off as many items from the list as you can. 

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Have a great Halloween!

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