Nature Passport FAQs

How did you come up with the idea for Nature Passport?

The Nature Passport App is modeled after a successful paper based program developed by Nature Play Western Australia that has reached more than 600,000 families in Australia.

Who is Nature Passport for?

Children aged 5-12 – but best-suited for ages 7-10
Parents, caregivers, and educators who value outdoor time but need tools and direction for facilitating enriching experiences.

How big is need for an app like this?

The impact of tech-addicted lives is a global problem affecting hundreds of millions of people. A recent survey of parents in the U.S. commissioned by our partner IslandWood found:

  • nearly all parents (98%) say being outdoors and connecting with nature is good for their kids
  • 4 in 5 parents (84%) wish their kid(s) spent more time playing and learning outdoors
  • nearly three-quarters (73%) of parents say digital entertainment makes getting their kids outdoors harder
  • roughly 7 in 10 parents (69%) wish they had better tools and strategies to help them get their kid(s) outdoors more often

What sort of activities are there on the Nature Passport App?

Nature Passport has a large, and growing, suite of outdoor activities including scavenger hunts, micro-hikes, a mud-pie food fight, cubby building, and bug hunts. Users collect badges, do team activities, and record pictures, notes, and audio from their adventures in a digital journal.

The app also has a safari feature that allows users to record animals and species, have them identified by naturalists, and added to one of the world’s largest citizen science projects (iNaturalist).

What about people living in urban environments?  Will they be able to use this app?

Absolutely. The app encourages and motivates children to have fun engaging with their environment wherever that may be –from backyards and city parks and neighborhoods, to beaches and other wild places. You can filter content by the type of environment, season and content provider

Why did Nature Play partner with IslandWood?

Our two organizations bring complementary skillsets to Nature Passport. IslandWood brings expertise in culturally responsive, place-based, experiential education. Nature Play brings proven advocacy experience and a track record of successfully getting kids and families playing outdoors. By working together, we are breaking down the barrier between outdoor play and learning, delivering an app with playful learning and meaningful play.

What are the benefits to the international partnership?

There are many advantages to collaborating internationally:

  • this is a global issue which can benefit from a global solution
  • in the nonprofit sector, collaboration is one way organizations can achieve a greater impact with limited resources. Both of our organizations were eager to expand our reach and impact, including internationally
  • we’ve shown how an international collaboration can work and hope that it can serve as a model as we continue to expand the platform
  • we believe families in Australia and the US will be excited by the international aspect of this app

About Nature Passport

Nature Passport was created by two non-profits: IslandWood in Washington, United States and Nature Play WA. The app is based on a successful, paper-based program in Australia that has reached more than 600,000 families, and uses technology as a tool for connecting families and schools with the natural world across the globe.

Download the FREE Nature Passport App

You can download the Nature Passport app for free on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Visit the website at, where you’ll find lots of useful information for families and teachers on how best to use Nature Passport.

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