Nature Play Canberra Launches!

We're thrilled to see the official launch of our sister organisation, Nature Play CBR (Canberra), an ACT Government program that encourages kids to step away from technology and enjoy the great outdoors.

The way children play has changed over the years and the Nature Play philosophy encourages less “screen time” and more “green time” by showing children that playing outdoors is fun, and giving their parents, carers and guardians great ideas and inspiration for fun things to do outside.

Today’s Aussie kids spend less time outdoors each day than any other generation in history, and Nature Play CBR are committed to encouraging new healthy habits to make sure kids enjoy all the benefits that playing in nature offers.

Canberra has an abundance of beautiful parks, trails, swimming spots and camping grounds for families to enjoy, and by encouraging kids to use their imaginations to explore the great outdoors they are making a great start on a full and healthy childhood.

There are also plenty of skate parks, fishing spots, and playgrounds to take advantage of, and Nature Play CBR will give parents new ideas for things to do outside, as well as connecting them with existing groups, other families and new opportunities, so they can make a regular date with nature.

We hope that Nature Play CBR will spark a lifelong love of the great outdoors, and show  kids that playing outdoors is fun and rewarding.

The launch of Nature Play CBR is one of the key activators in the ACT Government’s recreation strategy, Connecting and Building Recreation: a vision for the Territory. This vision was launched in July 2015, and is about improving the health and wellbeing of Canberrans by supporting more people to see recreation as a fun and easy way to engage in active living.

Have friends and family in the ACT?  Let them know about the Nature Play movement by visiting the website at, where parents will find inspiration on things to do, programs to get involved in and resources for their family.

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