Nature Play WA at the Caravan and Camping Show 2018

Nature Play WA had a great weekend at the RAC Caravan and Camping Show on March 24-25.

We spent two cheerful days helping families to build cubbies, create nature crafts and draw on our big chalkboards, undeterred by the on-and-off rain. As we often say – there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!

Tent Land was treated as a sanctuary by families who were looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy and exciting showgrounds. Families could relax and unwind in the shelter or take part in the nature play activities available.

Cubby building, a mainstay of Nature Play WA events, proved to be a hit at Tent Land. Based on an “Evolution of Camping”  theme, children were encouraged to channel their inner adventurer and build a cubby or teepee using natural materials. It’s always great to watch these structures come to life, and to hear children using their imaginations to create associated stories and characters.

The highlight for many was creating nature arm bands and crowns from natural materials and flowers foraged from close-by. Nature Play WA staff enjoyed assisting with these creations.

It was also lots of fun spotting nature arm bands, ankle bands and headbands throughout the showgrounds all weekend!

Children were also encouraged to use their imaginations and make use of the large chalkboards (created specifically for the weekend!) at Tent Land. There were some fantastic drawings depicting cubbies and huts, tents, caravans and other favourite camping memories.

Nature Play WA would like to thank everyone involved in the RAC Caravan and Camping Show for having us back at Tent Land this year. We had a fantastic weekend spending time outdoors in unstructured play.

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