Nature playground equipment suppliers

Thinking of building a nature play space and wondering where to get nature-based play equipment? Try these suppliers...

Nature Play WA has no direct experience with the nature play equipment suppliers listed below and does not endorse any particular business on this list.

However, each of the suppliers has provided references for play spaces that incorporate their play elements. References have been checked by Nature Play WA staff to ensure the supplier offers a good quality product to their clients. Past performance does not guarantee future performance, so we still advise you do your homework as to which, if any, best suit your needs.


Organisation Examples Contact Details



- Canning Vale Primary
- City Beach Primary School
- Kidz Galore Childcare
- Moolanda Childcare
- Bayswater Family Centre
Kimberley Beasley
0478 815 919 / 9209 3512 
[email protected]


  Kerry Logan
9361 1355
[email protected]

Ludlow Timber Products

  • salvaged logs and steppers 
  • all types of custom made play equipment
    from bridges to forts
  • all equipment made from 100 pct recycled timber 
  • artwork,wood carvings etc
- Rio Tinto Naturescape - Kings Park
- Kwinana Adventure Playground - Kwinana
- Piney Lakes Playground - Melville
- Karratha Playground - Bayton
- Cantonment Hill Playground - Fremantle

Rick Longden
69 Knutsford Street
Fremantle WA 6160

0438 924 964
[email protected]

Nature Based Play

- Mosman Park Primary School Nature
- Little Learners Nature Playground,
   Whitegum Valley
- Endeavour Schools Pre-Primary Nature
   Playground, Port Kennedy
- Winterfold Primary Nature Playground,
- Byford Waterwise Garden Project

Terry Farrell
9331 2997
0412 911 562
[email protected]

Nature Playgrounds - Jacaranda Child Care, Banksia
- Care 4 Kids Centre, Kingsley
- Kids Galore Child Care Centres
- Tiny Beez Child Care Centres
Stewart Winsor
0413 735 989
[email protected]
PlayRight Australia Pty Ltd

- Saw Avenue, Kings Park
- Wharncliffe Mill, Margaret River
- Dianella Regional Open Space, Dianella
- Perry Lakes, Floreat
- Yilgarn Playground, Gosnells

Lynnel Migas
Canning Vale
9256 1560
0418 952 062
i[email protected]

If you are a business involved in supplying materials for nature playgrounds and would like to appear on this list, please complete this application form.


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