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Canning River Regional Park

The Canning River Regional Park is one of those magic places that gives you a sense of being deep in nature even when you are in the middle of a City.

Extending for six kilometres along both sides of the Canning River it includes large areas of parkland, extensive wetlands and a river teeming with birdlife, fish, turtles and marron.

The best ways to see it are by bike or kayak with good access from Shelley Bridge or the Kent St Weir, other launching points include Mason’s Landing , Kent St Weir, Riverton Jetty Park and Woodloes Park.

The Canning Canoe Trail Project runs the length of the river but you should set aside two to three hours to do the component that runs through the Park, or a whole day if you are keen to paddle there and back with a lunch stop half way.

There are four interpretive dual use trails that run through the park so pack the bikes or the backpacks and get out and about in one of the prettiest parks around.

Full play space listing available on the Nature Play WA app’s “PLAY IN WA” section. Visit the Apple iTunes store(Apple devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices) and search for Nature Play WA to download the free app!


Mason's Weir

Liege Street

Cannington, 6107

WA, Australia

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