Digital Wellbeing

To help you navigate the often confusing technology journey families are on, we’ve created this campaign: Digital Wellbeing, a three-step approach (reduce, replace & balance) for managing screen time that involves reducing screen time where possible, replacing sedentary technology with active technologies (e.g. Pokemon Go), and balancing screen time with time playing outside. 

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Nature Passport App

Our tool to help families and schools replace kids’ sedentary screen-time with playing, exploring and learning outdoors. 

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Outdoor Classroom Day

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play! In 2020, on Thursday November 5th, join Nature Play and thousands of schools around Australia by taking lessons outside and prioritising playtime.

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Gardens for Kids

Gardens can be beautiful at the same time as being safe places for kids to play, imagine and develop the resilience and cognitive flexibility they will need throughout life.

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Family Nature Clubs

So you want to get your children outside, but find that time gets away from you? Why not organize a Family Nature Club with some friends or family and make sure that you have a regular date with the outdoors!

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Nature Playgrounds

Tired of boring old playgrounds? Why not build a nature playground? The kids will love it and it might even fast-track their development...

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Early Years

Natural experiences of awe and wonder for babies and young children are critical foundations to embed a lifelong passion to explore, discover, question and appreciate nature. 

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