Torbjörn Wrange

Torbjörn Wrange is an outdoor environment process designer with eight years’ experience mentoring groups of all ages in the outdoors.

The aim is always to meet and learn in a playful way, cultivating a mutual state of curiosity. He is an experienced mentor who has worked with more than 30,000 children, and trained 2,000 educators in outdoor leadership. He highlights place-based leadership and describes it as a set of keys to maximise participation within a group.

Join Torbjörn as he delves into leadership for inclusion, stronger relationships, maximised participation, reflection, belonging and ownership. The place is the concept and comes with a story that takes us back in time and back to the present. This session – “Classrooms without walls - Leadership keys” - dives into Swedish nature, lessons learned from easy-made mistakes and successful approaches as a leader.  

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