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Offer - $10 entry, $5 harness hire or $18 for entry with the lot (up to 45% discount on regular entry costs)

Like many rock climbers Nigel Ray and Damien Hall often looked at indoor rock climbing centres and thought, “we can do this, but better.” City Summit is the result of some very hard work and long planning. The centre in Malaga is custom built and most importantly designed by climbers for climbers to meet the Australian standard.

Everything from the layout of the climbing floor, the design of the climbing walls and the engineering to support it has been designed by City Summit. The result is a world class, unique climbing centre here in Perth.

The most striking feature of the climbing gym is the unique climbing walls. Designed with a sophisticated 3D modeling program, it provided amazing free form design while also allowing for fabrication. The result is an amazing climbing solution like no other in Australia. With sharp lines and features in the Spiderwall, large over hangs and chimneys, realistic climbs such as Dreamcatcher, City Summit has something to offer every climber.

As passionate climbers, one of the key focuses of the owners has been to increase the profile and participation of rock climbing in Western Australia. City Summit was designed to go beyond being just another rock climbing gym. It has been created as a place for climbers to train but also relax with friends in an environment to call “your own.” The Summit Lounge offers the perfect place to catch up with friends and meet new people within the climbing community.

A focus on social media at City Summit reinforces the notion of climbers getting in touch and building the climbing community. They also understand that some climbers find it daunting and costly to move from indoor top roping to outdoor lead climbing. As such, City Summit provides courses that cover:

• Skills and Techniques
• Free top roping to lead climbing
• Anchor systems
• Climbing equipment
• 6 week outcomes based climbing programs

City Summit has been a dream turned to reality through a lot of hard work, dedication and time. But the journey does not stop here and they want to keep growing and developing with their members and the sport. At City Summit they want you the climber to feel you are a part of something, and value your feedback.

Find out more about City Summit at their website -

City Summit
2/26 Harris Rd, Malaga WA 6090
(08) 9248 7035

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