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Whatever your age, being outdoors is good for the soul.   Babies and young children in particular benefit from exploring grass, dirt, leaves, wet sand and mud. But who wants to scrub their clothes afterwards, clean up a messy car or floor? Sometimes we say “no” to outdoor activities because it sounds like too much trouble.  

mudbubs keep your children’s clothes clean and dry while they explore the great outdoors. Simply put mudbubs on over regular clothes and let the fun begin!  Easy on, easy off, cold rinse, line dry.  Your child will be protected from the elements and full of fresh air.

mudbubs are Australian designed waxed cotton overtrousers for outdoor kids, made using Australian waxed cotton.  Natural waxed cotton is environmentally friendly, durable and easy care.  It is resistant to dirt, easy to clean and quick drying.  Worn over regular clothes (or on their own) mudbubs protect clothes and delicate skin from dirt, rain, wind, sun, scratches and insect bites.  Best of all, you will be able to enjoy the park, gardening, the beach, picnics, and camping - any place your child wants to play freely.  

Breathability means mudbubs are comfy all year round across a range of climate zones.  In colder areas layer mudbubs with thermals to create a warm, highly water and wind resistant garment.  In hotter climates mudbubs can be worn without under layers for a breathable, SPF50+ garment.  Designed with busy parents and active children in mind mudbubs protect good clothes and delicate skin.  mudbubs increase your freedom to be outdoors,  whatever the weather.

mudbubs are inspired by love of the outdoor life.  The spark came when Rosy’s baby son was still crawling and his dad (Phil) wanted the family to go camping.  “Not till he’s walking” she said, thinking of the hard work a camping trip would be for her.  Dirt, scratchy ground, ants.  No thank you to that!  The baby didn’t even own enough trousers to last the week.  Still, an idea formed and did not let her rest until now, 12 years later, her dream garment for crawling babies and young children has come to life.                                                

mudbubs hope to help make outings easy for babies, children and their carers and help them to enjoy their outdoor world.

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