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Beach & Forest Eco Adventure

Experience the largest inland dune system in the Southern Hemisphere, drive on an endless beach, visit wild oceans & touch towering Karri trees with someone special or a group of friends (maximum of 13 passengers in their Arkana - larger groups available). Spend the day with your friendly, fully-accredited safari guide owner/ operator Graeme Dearle, Peter or Colin. Sit back, relax and let them amaze you on a journey of discovery.

It is a beautiful time of the year to explore in and around the forest, dunes and beach - with still calm days, and the rain that refreshes the dunes and the forest and the fungi splashing our forests with colour.  Pemberton Discovery Tour's guided adventures will give you an insight to the local flora and fauna through spectacular scenery.  Join them to discover the wilderness.

Their tours take you out of reality for a little while and into a special place - depending on the time of year the forest is amazing with some of the wildflowers seaming to float in amongst the trees - and photography options abound! The Yeagarup dunes sometimes whip themselves up into a frenzy and if you are lucky you can see them on the move - it is an amazing sight to see! Again the ocean doesn't disappoint as the waves are huge and the ocean a million colours.

Black Point Full Day Eco Adventure

  • Visit the basalt columns of Black Point. Formed over 135 Million years ago by a volcanic eruption which filled the Perth basin with basalt. As it cooled it forms the hexagonal columns you can see now. 
  • Visit the Goblins - a local secret - this is where the Lord of the Rings SHOULD have been filmed.
  • Visit Lake Jasper - the largest natural freshwater lake in Western Australia. Fed by the Yarragadee Aquifer, and dammed by the same basalt that forms the columns at Black Point, it has no streams running into or out of its banks.


Pemberton Wine Discovery Tour

Pemberton has one of the best cool climate wine regions in the nation - with many wines recognised around the world. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot are two varieties that excel and are worthy of a drink or two. And many more are noteworthy!

Your Pemberton Wine Discovery Tour will enable you to experience Pemberton’s wineries, breweries, cideries and distilleries not to mention a local cheese platter along with a guided adventure through Pemberton’s forests.

Your personal guide will ensure you have a day to remember when you return home and uncork that wonderful wine. These tours offer a great excuse for a celebration event or just a private occasion.

Tours pick up from local accommodation and travel to around 4 wineries over 4 hours. A platter is included and the selected wineries also include a brewery, distillery and chocolate factory or cidery.

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