Rockface Indoor Climbing Centre

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Located in Northbridge, Rockface is open 7 days a week and welcomes experienced climbers and first timers from all walks of life.

Indoor rock climbing is a safe, exciting, all-over body workout for ages 5 to 85! And hey, it’s way cooler than lifting weights or running laps.

Top Roping

Top-roping is what most beginners do, where a rope runs over a special pulley above, protecting the climber from falling. You’ll need a climbing partner to stand at the bottom and control the rope (belay) while you climb; and of course, you’ll take turns climbing. Most of the walls at Rockface are dedicated to top-roping, and climbers of all levels take part in this type of climbing.


Bouldering is technically the practice of climbing on large boulders, typically close to the ground, so protection takes the form of crash pads and ‘spotting’ (a friend to protect you) instead of safety ropes. This is simulated in the gym by climbing on purpose-built short walls, or just traversing around the main gym walls. Bouldering is an individual activity, although once you start to try more difficult bouldering problems (especially in outdoor climbing), you will want people there to spot you. They have 2 separate bouldering areas available. The rear bouldering area has 3 sections to it and all 4 areas are reset regularly to keep it interesting for all.

Lead Climbing

Lead climbing is a more advanced form of climbing in which the climber takes the rope up tied to their harness, clipping it through our pre-placed anchors as he or she climbs. You can participate in this style of climbing at Rockface, but you must have prior experience, or check out our lead climbing training program if you would like to start. The lead wall is 10m.


Rockface Indoor Climbing Centre provides a range of training courses with some of the best instructors Perth has to offer.

Perfect your climbing technique and improve strength and well-being in a safe and friendly environment. Their instructors are waiting to help you be the best climber you can be.

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