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The Freeze Dried Bait Company uses the finest fresh bait, sourced from premium sustainability focused suppliers. Using state of the art commercial freeze driers, 98% of moisture is removed while all natural oils and solids remain virtually intact. Packed in heavy duty UV proof bags with nitrogen flushing enables the bait to remain preserved for over 3 years.  JUST ADD WATER!

Fishing with family and friends is a huge recreational pastime in Australia.  A country girt by sea and full of sheltered bays, rocky headlands, pristine estuary systems, teeming with bountiful fish.  And spending a few weeks on remote Australian beaches indulging with rod and reel is a great way to unwind from the city life, but what about bait?  It’s messy, stinks after a few hours in the sun, needs to be kept on ice and at the end of your fishing session what’s left is usually thrown away.

The bait debate, a discussion that many a fishing enthusiast would have entered into.  Some would argue that fresh bait is the only way to go, but getting your hands on it chews into precious fishing time.  Salting bait is rewarding but time consuming also and is something better undertaken at your mates house if you get our drift!  And then there is the frozen kind.  A staple for many as it catches fish and is readily available from tackle shops to service stations, but once defrosted doesn’t keep well and gets on the nose!  But what if you had a bait that had the benefits of fresh and frozen bait, but without the hassle of collection and without the stench? An idea was born!  Freeze dried bait!  You little beauty!

Freeze drying is the most effective drying method available for preservation and is used widely in the food, pharmaceutical and health industries.  The process itself has been around since the 1940’s and during WWII it was used for transport of blood plasma.  Freeze drying takes the product, in this case bait, to -40° C and the water crystals are sublimated (turned to a gas) and passed out without any damage to the structure.  What remains is a product that resembles a sponge under the microscope.  Add water and the bait is ready to be used in minutes! 

Freeze drying also ensures that the bait has a huge amount of flavour.  Concentrated scent is slowly released into the water like a burley trail attracting fish.  The bait is conveniently packed into zip-lock bags and flushed with nitrogen for longevity.  All you need to do is take out and rehydrate what you need, then seal the pack with the remaining bait for next time.  

The Freeze Dried Bait Company have created a range of bait that is perfect for all styles of fishing and does not need any refrigeration. The bait is super tough on the hook and rehydrates quickly after adding water.  Throw a few packs of their bait in the glove box for your next fishing trip, it's "Real bait ready in minutes!"

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