Saint Lawrence's Primary School

Saint Lawrence's Primary School offered the following insight into the process of creating a nature-based playground. The project was a massive community effort, as described in this newspaper article from the Midwest Times, 16 August 2012.

View across a nature playground showing logs, paths and a play area

Saint Lawrence's Primary School, Bluff Point, Geraldton

Date completed
October 2012

Playground elements
A variety of elements including: fantasy play (pirate ship), climbing and gross motor, music and constructive play, touch, sound, different physical environments (eg. sand, stone, wood). Planted with an array of plants that will promote sensory awareness also!


Funding Source
Self funded via Parents and Friends and donations from community.

Consultation process
Initial parent interest, followed by student consultation, analysis of contributions and the creation of a concept plan. Followed by consultation with the builder.

Builder used
Bernhard Keiser

Would you do anything differently next time?
No! The process has been significantly rewarding. Community involvement has been fantastic.

Benefits to children?
AMAZING! The language the children are using is incredible. It’s just a busy, noisy place. The non-sporty children are catered for, the creative play has been evident. Risk taking is evident as the younger ones take on and conquer the structures. The musical instruments offer fun and creative exploration and the size of the project allows for self created games only limited by the imagination.

Keys to success
Involving the Students! Involving the families! Having one or two amazing individuals with a passion for the idea! BEING BRAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE THE RISK!

Mike Friday, Principal

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