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Join us on Wednesday April 3rd, 7.30pm at Churchlands Concert Hall for a free, informative, fact-filled presentation from Canadian therapist, researcher, writer, author and international speaker, Dr Mari Swingle.

Dr. Mari Swingle is a practicing therapist, clinical researcher and author (i-Minds 1st & 2nd Edition) who has been closely exploring these issues for well over 20 years. Her research distinctly shows how our excessive or otherwise inappropriate use of screens are affecting brain function and behaviour. She is not anti-technology but rather anti-obfuscation; she wants to remove confusing and ambiguous language from the "screen time" conversation. 

In this workshop, she will explore otherwise complex and specialised concepts in language that is clear and easy to understand.  Dr Swingle will provide a plethora of science and information in simple terms, so that you; parents, teachers, healthcare practitioners and those involved in governance can have a say in your future, and your children’s future.  Her objective is not to tell you what to do, but to arm you to help make an informed choice; to help you decide what aspects of screen-based technology you may wish to accept, what you should absolutely reject, and what aspects deserve further consideration.

What is evidently clear is that children are happier and healthier (and a little wiser too…) when they spend more time in play outdoors and in face-to-face as opposed to screen-based interactions.

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Event Details

Date: Wednesday April 3, 2019

Time: 7.30pm

Location: Churchlands Concert Hall, 20 Lucca Street, Churchlands, WA, 6018 (see location map below)

Cost: FREE (Event Sold Out!) Register for our Wait List

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About Dr Mari Swingle

Dr. Mari Swingle (Canada) is a practicing therapist, clinical researcher, public speaker and the author of i-Minds: How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming and Social Media are Changing Our Brains, Our Behavior, and the Evolution of Our Species. She is a winner of a 2015 Federation of Associations in Brain and Behavioral Sciences Foundation (FABBS) Early Career Impact Award ‘for her major research contributions to the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior and for increasing awareness of research through media and public outreach’. She speaks internationally to professional and public audiences alike on the topic of the brain, technology, societal shifts, and mental health. In interviews, she has been referred to as the ‘Dear Abby’ of the digital era for her extensive practical knowledge and her unique ability to clearly communicate otherwise esoteric scientific information. She holds a PhD & MA in Psychology, MA in Education, and BA in Visual Arts and practices out of Vancouver, Canada.

In her research Dr. Swingle extensively explores how we have embraced and assimilated technologies into all aspects of our lives without fully understanding their effects on our culture and our persons. She examines screen-based technology’s effects on attention, creativity and innovative process, personality alteration, mental & physical health and development.  In the realm of mental health she studies associations of excessive or inappropriate screen usage with hyper arousal, altered attachment, anxiety, depression, insomnia, emotional deregulation, sexual dysfunction, addiction and the obsessive-compulsive spectrum.

A particular concern, and emphasis of her work, regards the emergent effects of screen-based technology on children, the developing brain, and how technology is slowly but surely eclipsing our relationships with both the physical world (nature) and each other.  In her lectures she speaks to both the state of where we are and how we got here.  Equally important she opens dialogue on where we want to be in the future vis-à-vis our relationships with nature (AKA the physical world) and technology, what we can do as individuals and community to reintroduce balance; and how to ensure we remain masters not servants of the technologies we bequeath future generations. 

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Dr Mari Swingle's Ted Talk

Nature Play WA, in partnership with the Department of Communities, Meerilinga Young Children's Foundation, Parenting Connections, and Commissioner for Children and Young People, are pleased to present this free, one-hour workshop on the importance of managing screen time for children, fostering health and happiness in the digital age. 


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