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Rockingham Play Trail

Trail publication date

26 October 2020


The City of Rockingham’s partnership with Nature Play WA to develop the Rockingham Play Trail was in response to a number of needs identified within the Rockingham community including:

  • A high number of local children being developmentally vulnerable or at risk within the Physical Development Domain according to the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC). Creating a play trail would help to foster physical activity and play, encouraging families with young children to explore local parks and reserves together. 
  • COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions. The City is committed to developing sustainable initiatives for the local community to enjoy and benefit from. The Play Trails initiative is one that can be completed during times where physical distancing restrictions are in place and playgrounds are open.
  • The City’s Strategy for Children and Young People highlighted the need for more school holiday activities for young children. The Rockingham Play Trail is a way of showing the City’s support for the community’s capacity to provide accessible school holiday activities for children.
*Photo credits: City of Rockingham

About the Trail

The Rockingham Play Trail was designed for completion over several days or weeks and consists of 15 different locations.

During Children’s Week 2020 (Monday 26 October to Sunday 1 November), rewards in the form of cafe vouchers could be found upon completing trails at selected locations. Rewards were used as an engagement strategy to boost participation and support local businesses.

The City is also provided with a monthly report of the latest download statistics, which has proved useful in evaluating the current impact and success of the Rockingham Play Trail initiative and promotion. To date (April 2021), 456 users (families) have downloaded the trail.


The City of Rockingham has promoted their Play Trail through various channels including:

Marketing collateral was developed by the City including a flyer, poster and online image. Hard copies of the flyer and posters were distributed to local businesses such as cafés surrounding trails, libraries and schools and family/community centres. Electronic copies were distributed through various local interagency networks including the Rockingham Early Years Network, KRAFTY Youth Network and Community Support Services Network.

A media release was also published to promote the launch of the trail.


“The City is delighted to see how popular Rockingham Play Trails has become with the community since it was rolled out in October 2020” - City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels.

“Rockingham Play Trails aligns with the Act Belong Commit message the City has proudly supported for many years, and the City has been keen to support the app as fostering positive mental health outcomes is a key part of building a stronger community”  - City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels.

*Photo credits: Town of Victoria Park, Friends of Jirdarup

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