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First streamed live and recorded on Thursday October 22, 2020, the third webinar in our series of five introduces the benefits of the outdoor environment for learning and the positive effects on children’s holistic development.

The third webinar in the series explores loose parts play, an engaging and motivating way for children to utilise a range of repurposed and natural materials as resources for outdoor play and learning. The open-ended, sensory and multipurpose nature of loose parts invites inventiveness and problem-solving as well as the opportunity to create. Children can explore loose parts to follow their interests and sense of wonder to design their own projects. We explore the role of the educator in entending play with loose parts, and address questions around storage, management, supervision and organisation of materials.

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This document is one of four resources designed to provide information about the benefits of outdoor learning and play, as part of Nature Play WA's Outdoor Learning Webinars.  These resources contain hyperlinks to references and links to mandated documents, to support teachers in the delivery of outdoor play and learning.

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Reference Page

Find the full list of references discussed during all of our webinars.

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