Outdoor Learning Webinar 4 Video & Resources

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First streamed live and recorded on Tuesday October 27, 2020, the fourth webinar in our series of five discusses implementing outdoor play and learning.

The fourth webinar provides an overview of the Dimensions of Outdoor Learning from the Australian Curriculum. There is a strong focus on developing skills and knowledge, developing relationships between children and nature, sustainability and most importantly, wellbeing! We also talk about opportunities for incorporating digital technology in enhancing the outdoor learning and play experiences with the Nature Passport App and discuss ideas for implementing the Outdoor Classroom Day movement at your school. From here, you are ready to go and start your play-based outdoor learning!

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This document is one of four resources designed to provide information about the benefits of outdoor learning and play, as part of Nature Play WA's Outdoor Learning Webinars.  These resources contain hyperlinks to references and links to mandated documents, to support teachers in the delivery of outdoor play and learning.

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Reference Page

Find the full list of references discussed during all of our webinars.

Be sure to check out our other webinars for the full suite of information.

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