Strategies to Balance Screen Time

Resources to Balance Screen Time

Use technology with your kids.  Supervise, monitor and join them.

Have shoulder to shoulder conversations and use the time to talk, to understand what they love, and to guide them (if needed).

Talk about privacy, security and good digital citizenship.

Help your child find other ways to have fun; outdoor play, sport, creative play, reading and socialising.  If you’re looking for ideas, check out our Resources for Families section.

Set aside dedicated tech-free family time each week to connect with your kids.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.  Sometimes the simplest things – like a family bike ride, a picnic or a trip to the beach – can be the most memorable.

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Top Tips:

  • Tech can be a positive influence when used appropriately
  • Balance tech use with active, creative and social non-screen activities
  • Actively engage with children while using tech
  • Set boundaries to regulate tech use by negotiating a family media plan
  • Model appropriate tech use
  • Have fun with your kids – its one of the most influential experiences for self-regulation

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