The RAC Perth Caravan and Camping Show

I haven’t grown out of toys. A visit to the RAC Perth Caravan and Camping Show last week was proof enough that I have not, will not, and probably should not, ever, grow out of them.

I want a cubby house on wheels.  Then I can take it far, far away, and imagine that I never have to come back. I want the world’s best camping massage chair, a car fridge with a soda stream and a solar panel, and all the other toys.

But as fun as it was to admire the toys, and to imagine an alternate universe in which I didn’t have to prophylactically leave my wallet in the car, there was something else at play that made being at the show such a good experience.

All those toys provoked me to imagine the places I want to go. To remind me that I don’t choose to live in WA because of the great bakeries. I live here because some of the world’s most beautiful wild places are on my doorstep, and because there is space to feel free in a way that money just can’t buy.

Caravans and camper trailers area well and good, but it is where they can take you that is the exciting bit.  Walking around the show my mind went from the Kimberley, to the Great Southern, out to the Goldfields and beyond. In fact I had a camper-trailer parked up and popped out at the Abrolhos Islands there for a minute… There’s a business idea – the camper dinghy!

Anyway, the point is that as fun as all the gear is, camping and caravanning is about the places. And the really good news is that you can experience them with, or without, all the gear. We don’t go to Ningaloo to sit in an air-conditioned massage chair watching David Attenborough show us the beauty of the Amazon. We go there for the reef, for the eccentric camping neighbours and to be totally consumed by the sky at night.

We visit camping grounds and caravan parks, as launching pads to experience nature. And that is something Western Australians have great access to.  For ideas on places to camp and caravan this Easter check out our Intro to Camping Videos and Caravan Parks around WA to find that perfect spot!

Now about that solar-powered massage chair... 

(Image credits: Sara Martins (caravan toy) and Rylie Jane (campsite at night) from our recent RAC Perth Caravan and Camping photo competition.)

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