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  • Fun with worms

    Worms love to munch on kitchen stuff and kids love worms. With a worm bin you can toss in vegetable or fruit cuttings and they'll eat 'em up while your kids watch! All you'll need is a plastic bin and some moist newspaper scraps to get started. You can buy the worms at a local pet store or online.

    Red worms are the standard for this task. Lots of websites have more in depth details on worm bins. To make a great one, do a little research with your little one.

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  • Pine cone painting

    Grab some pinecones of different shapes and sizes from the yard. Paint them and even use a little glitter if you're in the mood. They're great decorations for the holidays or any time. They can even be fun works of art for kids to give away.

    Some newspaper on the floor or table will help protect against the mess. Glitter really helps to liven this activity up! This is a perfect rainy day activity.

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  • Make your own vegetable garden

    If you have a backyard, starting a small vegetable garden is no great challenge. Once you have in mind what types of vegetables and the amount you want to plant, make sure you have enough space so there can be 20 inches between the rows (best for most veggies). Prepare the soil in advance by plowing some organic material into the garden area. Your garden will be more successful if it is in sunlight for a good part of the day and close enough to the house for you to water it.

    Plan in advance with your child what vegetables they really like and want to plant. It will get both of you more excited to make the garden and to eat the delicious goodies that come out of it!

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  • Backyard camp-out staycation

    Spend a weekend away in your own backyard. You don't need a big place for a big adventure. All you'll need is a tent and your family to join you. Pitch the tent, bring some flashlights, ghost stories and enjoy the time away from the world and with your kids.

    Have the adults or older kids be prepared to tell some ghost stories in advance to add a real sense of the outdoors.

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  • What's around the block?

    You'll be amazed by what might be right in your neighbourhood. Try taking a walk around the block and look at the plants and trees that surround you. Are there some especially pretty or unusual ones? What animals do you spot along the way?

    Take a piece of paper and map anything interesting on it. You can bring it the next time you come and constantly add to it. Bring a neighbour or friend with you. Everyone sees the world differently.

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  • The smallest bug

    Use a magnifying glass to look at the smallest plant or animal you can find. How many legs does it have? Does it have wings? Does it wave at you?

    When you're done looking at the animal or bug, go inside and recreate the animal by drawing or painting it. Be careful not to burn the creature because magnifying glasses can create a lot of heat in the sun!

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  • Rock and roll-y pollies

    Lift up a rock and check out the life underneath. What do you see? Bugs? Worms? Everything in the bush has a purpose. Can you figure out what worms do?

    You can also try lifting up a small branch or tree that has fallen onto the bush floor. Look up some of the worms or insects up on the internet to see if you can identify the ones you saw.

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  • What's growing in the footpath?

    Take the time to stop and see what's growing in your backyard or between the cracks of the footpath. Are there different types of grasses or weeds? It's amazing how much can grow in such a concrete environment.

    Bring a magnifying glass with you to see really close to the footpath. Compare what you find in the footpath to what you find in your yard or the park.

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  • What's your favourite colour?

    Everyone has a favourite colour. Take your kids on a walk down the street and have them point out things in their favourite colour. You'll probably find more than you expected.

    When you return from your walk, get out some art supplies and recreate what you saw or try drawing something using only the favourite colours.

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  • Read and hang outside

    There's nothing better than sitting outside with your kids on a cool night. Bring a book along and read aloud under the sky. Just being in the open is relaxing. Make it a tradition and read a chapter every time.

    Grab a blanket and even pillows to make a cozy little spot. Some bug spray will help keep the mozzies away.

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  • Playing the elephant in the room

    Pretend you're an elephant. What sounds does it make? How does it move? Get everyone involved and be a family of elephants!

    Once you've mastered or had enough of the elephant walk, pick another animal and start over. Or have someone mimic an animal and then everyone else can guess what they are!

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  • Snuggy explorer

    Even newborns can be outdoors in a snuggy, safe holder from a backpack to a secure seat, to be able to hear sounds, feel the breeze and see the sights.

    Bring a hat and of course, some sunscreen for the little one. Meet up with a friend for your mini-trek.

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