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  • Let's go for a walk!

    No need to set any specific destination or plan it out. Just grab your toddler and a stroller or backpack and venture out.

    Bring a hat and of course, some sunscreen for the little one. Meet up with a friend for your mini-trek.

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  • Search the rainbow

    Look carefully and you'll find something of virtually every colour out in nature! Give it a try and see what you can find. Take turns picking colours and pointing them out in nature.

    Go ahead and let the little'uns pick green. They'll have fun.

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  • Nature scavenger hunt

    Make a list of some common things and a few rare ones that can be found outside near your home or in a park. You can includes things like: gum nut, pine cone, flat rock, etc. Pass the list out and give your kids 20 minutes to find as much as they can.

    Your neighbours might enjoy this too. Invite some local kids and parents to join you. Keep everyone together by telling the kids in advance what is out of bounds. Play a few times and have some small prizes or treats.

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  • Have a secret space

    Make friends with one spot in nature for a whole year. See how it changes each month. You can each talk about your spot at the dinner table. Do your spots change at the same pace?

    Give your kids an example by taking time in your own nature space. Mix it up by bringing paper to start a journal or draw what's around you.

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  • Sprinkler run

    When it's hot outside, play in the sprinklers. It's cool and no one is too old for that.

    Don't forget to put on some sun-block. Go ahead and put on your bathers, or just run outside in your casual clothes for some spontaneous fun. Check for any rocks or sticks to protect your bare feet.

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  • Kids garden

    Already have a garden? Let your child pick and plant a seedling in your garden and watch it grow from day to day. Measure how tall it gets every day or every week. What else can you track?

    Go to a nursery and ask what an easy and quick growing plant would be for that season and climate. Every week or so, take a pad of paper and do a drawing so you can have a visual record of the progress.

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  • Can you find the treasure?

    Hide a surprise in the backyard. Make a map and have the kids find the surprise. Draw in trees, bushes and walkways to help them along the way. X marks the spot!

    Read a pirate or treasure themed book for fun before you do this. Dress up like pirates for the day, I'll put you in the mood!

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  • Nature's art is your art too!

    Look around outside for gum nuts, pinecones, sticks, or rocks. Bring your favorite ones inside. Grab some glitter, paint and glue and make some really great original sculptures. Perfect for bringing the outdoors in on a rain day.

    Cardboard could be a base for the sculpture if you need one. Otherwise pinecones, sticks and rocks will do the trick. Lay out some newspaper on the floor or table to protect against the fun mess.

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  • Keep a nature journal

    Keep a nature journal with your child with pictures and feelings about what you see on a nature walk you share each week. One day take some photographs and put them inside. The next week use crayons and draw an interesting tree. Maybe include a map from a nearby trail you enjoy.

    Keep mementos from your times outside that you can include in this such as: pretty leaves, maps, grass and more. You can help each of your children make their own so they all have something special.

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  • Plant a tree leaf collection book

    Make a collection by gluing or taping the fallen leaves into a book and then writing the names below the leaf.

    Easiest time of year to do this activity is definitely Autumn because the leaves will be on the ground in abundance.

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  • What's up with that rock?

    Ever look at a rock really closely? Some have funny shapes and colours. Find an interesting rock and check it out! Does it look like an animal?

    Collect a few rocks and compare the differences. Older kids might enjoy looking up the rocks on the internet. Where do different rocks come from and how do they form? Save the really cool ones and let your kids put them around their vegetable garden or somewhere in the yard.

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  • Create a spring flower collection book

    Have fun with the kids by pressing flowers into home made books to flatten and dry them or press them between sheets of ironed wax paper. Absorbent paper will make the right effect. Blank newsprint (available at art supply stores) works well for this. Place a layer of paper above and below your chosen flower. Go ahead and press up to 3 layers of flowers at a time (with at least two pieces of paper between the layers). Leave flowers pressing for 5 - 8 days until they are dry.

    Any heavy book, encyclopedia, phone book will work! Hole punch some of the paper and tie together with ribbon to create your own book. This is a great activity for you to do one on one with your child.

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