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  • Collect seashells by the seashore

    Talk a walk along the beach, gathering any pretty or interesting seashells you find. Save them for a beach diorama or make a sandcastle and use them as decoration.

    A hat will do wonders when protecting you from the sun. Bring a bag from home that can always be your nature collection bag.

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  • Where in the world are you dressing up?

    Imagine a very hot or cold place in the world. What kind of plants and animals are there? What would the people wear? Dress up like you are at that place for fun.

    Some ideas: the desert; Antarctica; Africa; the tundra. Or imagine what it would feel like in some of the books or movies your kids enjoy.

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  • Listen for bird sounds

    Sit or lay down on the ground in your yard or at a park. Can you hear bird sounds? They're happy to sing for you and your kids

    A great activity for your early risers as birds are most vocal in the morning. Older children might enjoy bringing binoculars and trying to find the birds in the trees or identifying which ones make certain calls.

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  • What seed do I have?

    Help your child cut open many different fruits to observe the seeds. Give each child one of each kind of seed. Pick one of those seeds. Start to describe it. Ask the children if they can guess which seed you have picked.

    Be careful whenever you're using knives or other sharp objects and working with kids. Look some of the fruits up online to have some extra info to share with the kids.

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  • Stay up and stargaze

    Stay up past your kid's bedtime and take them outside or look out a window to look at the stars. Tell stories or try to identify the stars that you're familiar with.

    Look up one of the astronomical myths for extra story telling power.

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  • Keep a flower tally

    Count the flowers in your garden in the spring once a week for three weeks. Compare your tallies. Your kids will have fun watching the numbers go up as the flowers bloom into Spring.

    If you think you are at the highest tally, take some pictures of the flowers! You can also show your children how to make flower clippings when you're ready to stop counting.

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  • Make a cubby with twigs

    Your little builder will have fun doing this on his own or with help. All that is needed is a pile of twigs or small sticks. Add a roof to the cabin by laying some light leaves out on top.

    Take it to the next level by creating a stick fence around the cabin or outlining a driveway with grass.

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  • Create a scene with a nature diorama

    You can do this creative activity with any old shoebox. Use natural materials like grass and twigs to make something different such as a car going down a street. Alternatively use the items to recreate the outdoors inside.

    Some glue will help you stick sticks to the side of the box or grass to the floor.

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  • Identify plants and trees

    Check a local plant guide out from the library. Take a walk around your garden or a near park. Can you identify the different plants and trees? What other plants and trees do you see near?

    Keep a journal of all the different things that you find. Next time, take a book out from of a faraway place's plant and animals. How are they different? Once your kids know the lay of the land, let them take some friends around and show them what they know.

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  • Become a master grass whistler

    Want to whistle a tune? Your child can make a grass whistle easily with a blade of grass between their thumbs. You place the blade of grass tightly between your thumbs side-to-side. Go ahead and blow through the hole created between your thumbs' knuckles and base.

    Thick blades of grass will really make some noise. Having trouble making the whistle? Ask a neighbour or friend? someone is sure to know the trick! Try out some other whistles. Who can whistle using their fingers?

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  • Bug finder challenge

    Some bugs can be pretty sneaky. Try finding some of the harder to spot ones like stick insects or grasshoppers. These interesting guys are known as camouflage bugs.

    Get a bug picture book out from the library to help you identify them. Draw some of the cooler ones so you have keepsakes.

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  • Dramatic dewy spider webs

    In the morning, look for dew-decorated spider webs. How many can you find? What else is covered in dew?

    Ask your older children what dew is. Go to the library with them or help them look it up online. Good activity for children who have a fear of spiders because it might give them a reason to enjoy them.

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