When it comes to unstructured play outdoors the gold standard may well be time spent camping with family and friends.

Kids camping

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Normal rules for the most part don’t apply. Kids can get as grubby as they like, get up when it suits them (even if that does often seem to be 5 am!) and basically spend their time as they see fit.

Obviously there is a lot to be said for putting the tent up or laying out the swags on the back lawn when you are looking to turn a run-of-the-mill weekend at home into something out of the ordinary.  

If you are game for a bit more, there are lots of options throughout the State.

There is no doubt camping has evolved from the basic canvas and woodsmoke activity of generations past to the point where there is now a dazzling array of ‘experiences’ available from  hard core, self-supported and human powered expeditions to commercial and National Park-style group camping to the relatively recent development of glamping where virtually everything is catered for.

The most common and easily accessible is camping at either commercial or local government-operated caravan and camping grounds or in the National Park campgrounds spread right across the State.

A great resource for Department of Parks and Wildlife campsites in WA is the Parkstay page on the DPaW website . You can browse camp grounds by region and even book at some sites.

The majority of camp grounds feature toilets and cleared, flat tent sites with a rudimentary table and chair arrangement.

Camping on the beach in Shark Bay, WA

In many regional towns and tourist centres local government authorities operate camp grounds that offer a cross between a DPaW campground and a commercial caravan park in terms of facilities.

Caravan parks and commercial camp grounds across the State offer a range of facilities, but all provide amenities such as toilets and hot showers.  Visit for locations.

'Glamping' is a relatively recent phenomenon and involves commercial operators who provide absolutely everything, often in stylised canvas accommodation, this can be a true five star experience including tent service with a butler!

If you have a suggestion for a great place to camp, we would love to hear about it.  Fill out this form to tell us about it so we can share it with other families.


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