Bibbulmun Track

Guide to walking with kids on the Bibbulmun Track

Bushwalking is a fun and healthy outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia's world-class long distance walk trail, is right on our doorstep, stretching over 1,000km from the Perth Hills to Albany, through some of the most beautiful and varied natural areas of Australia’s South West.

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The Track is maintained to a high standard and with its ease of access and navigation is an ideal environment to take the family on an adventure to experience the wonders of the bush.

The Bibbulmun Track Foundation has put together some day and overnight walk suggestions to suit all ages and fitness levels. All the walks featured are not more than 1.5 hours driving distance from Perth.

What to take - the basics

Reading Bibbulmun Track map

  • Sufficient food and water, sunscreen, insect repellent and clothes appropriate to weather conditions
  • A plastic bag to take your rubbish home with you – follow the Leave No Trace principles
  • Some treats (bribes!) in the form of fast energy food such as dried fruit and nuts
  • Small first aid kit with plasters, tea tree oil, tweezers, Fixomul (for blisters), bandages and scissors.

Keeping things interesting

  • Follow the waugal - the Track is signposted with Waugal trail markers (yellow triangle with a black sylised snake) ask your child to find the next one.
  • If you're walking back at dusk, take a torch - waugal trail markers are reflective.
  • Talk to the children about how things smell, the different plants, trees and animals that you may encounter. A range of bush books are available from the Foundation.
  • Listen to the bird sounds.
  • Take a camera to record your adventure.
  • Encourage older kids to help plan your walk - include map reading and compass skills.

Track facts - things you need to know

  • The Track is free and for walkers only - no wheeled vehicles or pets allowed.
  • Although the Track is well signposted, make sure you take a map as the Perth Hills are criss-crossed with other trails.
  • You can only access the Track in places where a red car is shown on the map.
  • You cannot drive on the Track or to any of the campsites.

Staying Safe

  • Allow yourself plenty of time so you are not too rushed to stop and rest. Most children aged 4 to 8 walk about two or three kilometres an hour without breaks. Older children may walk up to four kilometres per hour.
  • It is important that you sign your name in the green log books every time you reach the campsite. In case of an emergency, it is used by the Department of Parks and Wildlife rangers to help locate walkers. You may also like to write in the red register - let your creative juices run wild and describe your walk or tell your fellow walkers of anything of interest or concern.
  • Tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to return.



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