Top 10 Things to Do in the Spring Holidays

Spring has sprung!  Wildflowers in bloom in numbers we've not see for years, the sun shining and the skies clear; it's been a wonderful start to the season.









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1. Go wildflower spotting: see our blog for links to the best places in WA to find wonderful wildflowers!
2. Picnic in your favourite natural place: watch the sun through the leaves of the trees & breathe the fresh spring air
3. Camp overnight in your own backyard. In the morning, listen for the birds as they weclome you to a new day!
 4. Make a miniature boat from seed pods, leaves and bark, then take it out for a sail in a creek or lake 
5. Build a cubby from cardboard boxes and tree branches
 6. Go bird watching - you could come across some babies in their nests; just watch out for swooping magpies!
7. Find a great hill for rolling or tobogganing down.  Get your cardboard boxes out and slip’n’slide away!
  8. Create a nature collage from leaves, flowers and sticks you find on a bushwalk by gluing them to a big piece of paper
 9. Go for a bike ride around your neighbourhood.  What new plants, animals, insects and bugs can you find?
10. Dig in the garden for worms! How many can you find?

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