What Kind of Camper Are You?

Who doesn’t love a getaway?  To leave the rat race behind (even for the weekend) and commune with nature?  We all love the opportunity to indulge in a little R&R, but to what degree do you want to leave behind life’s little luxuries?

Whether you’re the “swag chucked in the back of the ute” or the “glamping avec wine and cheese, s'il vous plait” camper, if you’re looking for a getaway in beautiful WA, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s start with the no-nonsense, sleep under the stars types.  When I was growing up, that was my Dad to a tee.  Bivouac slung in the back of the trailer, billy kettle, fry pan, heavy mallet (useful for bashing in tent pegs or defending yourself from wild pigs) and not much else; we’d jump in the maroon Ford XA Falcon and head out bush.  Didn’t matter where we ended up, as long as there was a water hole, and scrub as far as the eye could see, Dad was a happy man.

As attractive as that getaway sounds, I have not inherited Dad’s simple style.  I’m still a fan of packing light, I’m happy to leave the kitchen sink at home, but that’s because I expect my destination to have one of its very own.  And its own kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms (plural), pool, playground… you get the picture.  I’m more of a glamper, than a camper, and if I’m going to leave the house behind, I want a mini version (with a well-stocked fridge) to greet me on my arrival.

My sister, when it comes to camping, is a happy medium.  She likes to pack up the car and head out bush, but take the caravan along with her.  She likes the built-in fridge, but is happy with a good cookout on an open fire.  She loves nothing better than rolling into a caravan park, setting up the annex on the van, and have a chat with her campsite neighbours over a shared barbecue.

And that’s the beauty of camping in WA – no matter what your style, there’s a holiday resort, caravan park or camp site perfect for you.  If you’re keen to get out and explore our great state, but don’t know where to start, check out this great list of caravan parks throughout Western Australia. 

I’ll see you out there (I’ll be the one with the glass of bubbly and the cheese platter to share)!


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