Beach Babies – 10 Tips for Summer Fun at the Beach!

As Summer sets in it is almost a crime not to visit Western Australia’s beaches and rivers.  Let’s get our young nature players into some sand, water and unstructured beach/river bank play, they absolutely love it!

It’s going to be a hot one this weekend, and a lot of us will be hitting the beach to try and beat the heat, so here are 10 tips to keep your kids having fun at the beach this summer:

  1. Most parents set up a shade tent, which is a must for the Summer months in Perth, especially with a little one.  If you are on a quieter stretch of beach, or if there are a few youngsters around, bring a second tent and set it up right at the water line.  Kids will always want to potter around the shallows, and there is no point having a tent just to keep your towels and bags shaded!
  2. Alternatively, avoid the heat of the day and head to the beach in the late afternoon.  Finish up with dinner and a shower at the beach – just like camping!  Hop straight into pyjamas and hopefully by the time you get home the kids are ready to go straight to bed (if they aren’t already asleep in the back seat!)
  3. Bring a blow up boat/pool for your baby to eat in – they can drop and pick up food without getting sand on it!
  4. Baby powder or corn flour can be used to get sticky sand off feet, legs and hands.
  5. Take some cool toys to play with: water spray bottles, pipes, net or small brushes can be more fun the standard bucket and spade.
  6. A boogie boards not just for surfing the waves, you can use them to slide down hills too!  And at the end of the day pack all your gear on top and use it as a sled to get the gear back to the car.
  7. Bring a real set of binoculars and take a good look at boats and birds. If your kids are old enough take a book on local birds and start identifying some species.
  8. If the waves are too strong for your smallest ones, dig a small canal to create a pool of water suitable for splashing around in.  Bring a small garden shovel to make the digging easier.
  9. Combine a beach visit with pre- or post-trip activities, like making kites to fly when you get to the beach or picking up a shell or pebble to take home and paint after your trip.
  10. If your child is old enough, explain how dangerous rubbish can be for the sea animals and make a game out of collecting some before you leave.  It’s a good way to explore, be active and save the environment!

Get out there and enjoy Perth’s beautiful water this Summer!

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