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The Importance of a WA Play Charter, and How You Can Make a Difference

by Griffin Longley

Trying to define play is like trying to catch the sky in a jar. You might get a piece, but it will only ever be a reduction of the greater meaning you already hold. Because play, like love, is inextricable from human experience and it exists, and acts, before and beyond words. Read more…

Family Hiking in Djeran - Day and Overnight Adventures!

by Griffin Longley

Most of us are pretty familiar with the idea of going for a bushwalk for an hour or two, tops, but going on an overnight hike can feel a little daunting, especially if you are doing it with kids. It’s hard enough to pack for a day at the beach, how on earth are you supposed to fit a whole campsite into a bag, let along keep the kids interested, right? Read more…

15 Best Swimming Spots (That Aren't a Beach!)

by James Holmsen

West Aussies are blessed with many beautiful swimming holes that are largely under utilised. These make for a great day trip from Perth, or a weekend adventure a little further afield, and offer a unique swimming experience that the kids are sure to enjoy. They also offer great sun protection, unlike a day at the beach, by way of shady trees. We've created an interactive map with 15 stunning locations, many of which are within a two-hour drive of Perth. Read on to find out more about these delightful swimming holes! Read more…

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