Gardens For Kids

Backyard play is being replaced by digital entertainment, block sizes are decreasing as land becomes more expensive, and garden space is landscaped to maximise housing values rather than being devoted to outdoor play.

But done right, gardens can be beautiful at the same time as being safe places for kids to play, imagine and develop the resilience and cognitive flexibility they will need throughout life.

Why is gardening good for kids?

Gardening is a healthy and fun activity for kids. The garden offers children a great range of activities and lessons. Kids in the garden not only develop new skills but they learn about science and nutrition. Most importantly they spend time in a natural environment and get physically active.

Here are a few of the benefits of getting kids involved in the garden:

Responsibility: caring for and tending to plants.

Physical activity: benefits their physical and mental health. Gardening helps kids meet their recommended daily physical activity levels.

Nutrition: learning about the sources of their food and (hopefully) gaining a new appreciation for vegetables.

Creativity: In planning, planting and maintaining their own projects.


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