Onsite Courses for Educators

Nature Play WA is excited to offer education based, pedagogical professional learning opportunities.

a hand holding a plant

Our onsite workshops are delivered at your school or early learning centre, to your team of educators, at a time and date that suits you.

Our workshops are designed to share the benefits of outdoor learning on all aspects of children’s development and, most importantly, their wellbeing. Participants will discover the potential of using nature and a variety of open-ended materials in the outdoor environment for holistic learning. The workshops investigate the possibilities in following children’s interests, how to explore an inquiry question and considers the role of the educator in enriching learning. 

At Nature Play WA we are committed to working with your educational institution to provide a unique and targeted workshop that addresses your desired educational outcomes.

As WA's leading advocacy organisation for outdoor, active play and learning for children, Nature Play WA is delighted to be engaging with Educated by Nature as our Professional Learning delivery partners.

Their team of Nature Educators will liaise with your school or centre to create a workshop which makes the most of play and learning opportunities for the children and embraces the principles of best practice.

Nature Play WA’s professional learning offers:

  • on-site delivery - we come to you
  • participants engagement with current ideas in outdoor education,
  • time for hands-on activities,
  • discussion with peers,
  • exploration of the topic in relation to their own setting, and
  • concludes with a reflection about the insights, information, understanding or inspiration gained.

Workshops cover concepts around:

  • Introduction to Nature Pedagogy
  • Early Years
  • Playwork and Adventure Playgrounds
  • Risky Play
  • Outdoor Learning Skills - fire, hut building, tools & tinkering

Feedback from workshop attendees:

"I felt inspired to try a few new things I hadn’t thought of"

"This will benefit my future teaching"

"The passion for nature play was wonderful"

"I want to remember the feeling of being inspired and the importance of including play and hands on materials in all areas of learning"

"I am inspired to use the outdoors more, [and to] find a ‘special’ outdoor space at school"

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