Onsite Courses for Educators

Nature Play WA is excited to offer education based, pedagogical professional learning opportunities.

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Nature Play WA’s professional learning offers:

  • on-site delivery - we come to you
  • participants engagement with current ideas in outdoor education,
  • time for hands-on activities,
  • discussion with peers,
  • exploration of the topic in relation to their own setting, and
  • concludes with a reflection about the insights, information, understanding or inspiration gained.

All workshops are linked to the EYLF and NQS and are based on contemporary research and theory.

Feedback from workshop attendees:

"I felt inspired to try a few new things I hadn’t thought of"

"This will benefit my future teaching"

"The passion for nature play was wonderful"

"I want to remember the feeling of being inspired and the importance of including play and hands on materials in all areas of learning"

"I am inspired to use the outdoors more, [and to] find a ‘special’ outdoor space at school"

NEW WORKSHOP! Developing Literacy through Outdoor Play

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $550* plus GST

a pair of hands touching a tree trunkLiteracy is a priority learning area in the early years. Providing an enriched and holistic program which connects to children’s interests and ways of learning is necessary to develop their confidence and capacity to use language effectively.

Exploring the potential of play experiences in a natural environment and with natural materials will inspire participants to improve children’s language outcomes by creating engaging outdoor learning.

*Pricing for weekday workshop within Perth metro area. Weekend workshops and workshops outside the Perth metro area incur additional costs.

An Inquiry Approach to Nature-based Learning in the Outdoors

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $550* plus GST

children playing in the bushThis workshop is designed to share the benefits of outdoor learning on all aspects of children’s development and, most importantly, their wellbeing. Participants will discover the potential of using nature and a variety of open-ended materials in the outdoor environment for holistic learning. The workshop investigates the possibilities in following children’s interests, how to explore an inquiry question and considers the role of the educator in enriching learning.

*Pricing for weekday workshop within Perth metro area. Weekend workshops and workshops outside the Perth metro area incur additional costs.

Loose Parts Play and Learning in the Outdoors

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $550* plus GST

a group of people wearing hatsThis hands-on and interactive professional learning workshop introduces the benefits of using loose parts for play. They are easy and inexpensive to source and provide endless engagement, flexibility and challenge for children. Participants will consider their role in supporting and enriching learning, actively explore the qualities of materials through their own play experiences and discuss the potential for integrated learning using loose parts. The workshop shares possibilities for sourcing, managing, and presenting loose parts to the children.

*Pricing for weekday workshop within Perth metro area. Weekend workshops and workshops outside the Perth metro area incur additional costs.

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Numeracy in Nature

This workshop delves into why, how, and what mathematics young children learn. The outdoor environment is perfect for manipulating materials and using loose parts to actively explore maths processes such as matching, sorting, counting, and patterning and learning about shape and measurement. Children discover maths in a meaningful way as they are immersed in many real life and play experiences outside. 

This workshop is available with a focus on either early learning centres (links to the Early Years Learning Framework) or Kindergarten/Pre-primary (links to the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and WA Curriculum). 

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Best Practice in Designing and Using Active and Playful Outdoor Learning Environments

A series of three workshops (Space, Resources and Time) lead participants through a process to design and use a dynamic outdoor learning environment which makes the most of play and learning opportunities for the children and embraces the principles of best practice.

The National Quality Framework ensures that all children’s interests and agency is supported as they explore and experience the natural outdoor environment. These spaces should provide environmental features, natural areas and resources for children to explore and use for unstructured play, investigations, challenge and age-appropriate risk-taking.

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The impact of the revised Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) on outdoor play and learning 

With updates to the EYLF in the final stages of review, we anticipate the new version will be available in early 2023.

This workshop will look to address the changes in the framework, to support teachers and educators with incorporating these into teaching practice.

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Meet your teacher

Denise Ansingh
Playful Education Officer

a woman smiling for the cameraDenise is an enthusiastic teacher and pedagogical leader with Level 3 classroom teacher status (Department of Education). She has a Master in Early Childhood Education and, in 2015, received a National Excellence in Teaching Award (NEiTA) for Leadership and Development. Denise is very experienced in facilitating professional learning as a tutor in Early Childhood Education at Edith Cowan University (ECU) and as a Consultant with LEAP Education. She attended Study Tours to Reggio Emilia and New Zealand which influenced her philosophy and is a firm believer in play-based and nature pedagogies. Denise has long been an advocate for outdoor play and learning in, about, and with nature, which is what brought her to Nature Play WA.

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