Talk N Walk Toolkit for Schools

Talk N Walk is an award-winning wellbeing program, facilitated through the Talk N Walk app and supporting resources.

The program was co-designed with more than 100 ten-to-fifteen-year-old girls, including those who identify as girls and non-gender conforming individuals, from around Western Australia, focusing on social connection, friendships, family and feeling good and, while it has been developed to support tween and teen girls to be more physically active and mentally healthy, it can be used by anyone.  

Talk N Walk is a simple, flexible program with everything you need to get started provided in this toolkit.  Take students out for Talk N Walk sessions at any time, anywhere – the more natural the location the better.

Download the Talk N Walk Toolkit for Schools

Download the Talk N Walk Toolkit for Schools


Or why not organise a Talk N Walk to School event?

  • Organise a Talk N Walk to School event using our Talk N Walk to School Event Pack. Check out these Talk N Walk to School events for ideas and inspiration! 
  • Contact to discuss ways you could incorporate Talk N Walk into your school buddy program, behaviour management practices, orientation etc. and to receive our Talk N Walk card deck (limited number available) featuring the conversation starters and walking challenges co-designed with girls involved in the program development.

Download the Talk N Walk to School Event Pack

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