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We create and deliver campaigns, events and resources to support outdoor play and learning for the benefit of all children.  Partner with us and make a positive change in the world!

Events and Campaigns

a group of people outsideNature Play WA creates events for local government areas that bring thousands of residents and visitors together to play, connect, and experience the benefits of the outdoors.

Nature play events support the health and wellbeing of families, promote local nature based attractions to residents and visitors, and help connect community to local service providers.

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Create a Play Trail

a hand holding a phonePlay Trails take traditional scavenger hunt games to a whole new level. Using Nature Play WA’s Play Trails app, families visit trail locations to unlock challenges, solve quiz questions and score points.

We’ve partnered with local governments and community organisations to create trails that offer families a unique and fun way to explore shipwrecks, historic buildings, artworks, museums, playgrounds, the environment and much more!

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Nature Passports

close up of hand holding four nature passportsWork with us to create a Nature Passport booklet to activate spaces, support family time outdoors, promote social connection and inspire lifelong stewardship behaviours and attitudes.

Our Nature Passport activity booklets highlight nature playgrounds, green open spaces, wetlands and other nature-rich locations in an area and links them to fun nature play activities for families.

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Speaking Engagements

Photograph of Dr Kelsie Prabawa-Sear, CEO of Nature Play WA. Kelsie has light brown, wavy hair, light-skinned complexion and green eyes. Her head and shoulders are visible in this photograph. She is wearing a light pink coloured jacket and is in front of a dark green leafy background.

Our CEO, Dr Kelsie Prabawa-Sear, is available for speaking engagements, including key note speaker, conference presenter and for nature-play related events.

Kelsie has had the joy of a varied and rich working and academic experience in both Australia and Indonesia prior to joining Nature Play WA, having worked in State government, consulting roles and conservation work with not-for-profit organisations. Along the way she has entwined her work with post graduate research degrees, completed a Master’s in Environmental Education for Sustainability and a PhD on The Impact of Culture in Environmental Education in Java, Indonesia. When reflecting on this work, Kelsie's focus and passion has always been for nature, kids, and communities. It’s therefore no surprise that she was drawn to the work of Nature Play WA. 

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Consultancy - Green Code Creative

tablet computerGreen Code Creative (Green Code) is a consultancy business of Nature Play WA that will help you re-imagine the way your audience engages with your local government area, nature reserve, tourism destination, or even museum.

Using app subscription technology to develop outdoor discovery apps, interactive trails and digital treasure hunts, we deliver compelling multi-media content such as audio, video, before and after sliders, augmented reality, 360 degree photography, interactive maps and more.

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