Our Mission

Nature Play WA’s Strategic Plan clearly outlines our organisation’s mission, values and strategic priorities. Nature Play WA staff refer to it closely to guide both our daily operations and our long-term planning.

The Nature Play WA Board endorsed this plan and are committed to monitoring progress towards achieving the strategic priorities and ensuring appropriate resources are allocated to enable the Strategic Plan to be implemented.


For WA to be the best place in the world to be a child - a place where children thrive by connecting with the natural world and their community through play.


For Nature Play WA to be a world-leader in reconnecting kids to unstructured play outdoors and to elevate the value of nature play in the minds of families, carers and decision makers through advocacy and facilitating opportunities for families to discover the power of nature play first-hand.

Please find the link to Nature Play WA's strategic plan below.

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Strategic Plan 2018-2021