Teaching Outdoors with Nature Passport

Nature Passport is an international app, designed by Nature Play WA andNature Passport is an international app, designed by Nature Play WA and IslandWood, to connect students with the outdoors - fostering their natural curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.

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With over one hundred activities designed by leading experts in outdoor play and experiential, place-based education, the Nature Passport app encourages kids to learn from the natural world around them.

The activities are written to readily align with a broad range of learning and development areas. With framing, these activities can support a robust set of educational outcomes in STEM subjects, writing and literacy, and social-emotional learning. 

The app is designed primarily for children ages 7-10 years old, but can be used by kids and adults of any age.

Tips on using the app as an educator are available at:

My Outdoor Classroom Nature Passport Educator Package

Working either hand-in-hand with the app (optional), or as a stand-alone resource, we’ve developed the My Outdoor Classroom Nature Passport package to further support educators in taking their class outdoors for enriched play-based learning. 

The pack includes printable Nature Passport activity booklets for students and detailed lesson plans linked to the curriculum.

Upper and Lower Primary versions of the pack are available.

The My Outdoor Classroom Nature Passport booklets and lesson plans are an initiative of Nature Play WA, developed with proud support from the Department of Education WA.

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