Mud Monsters Ball Event Overview


Shire of York

Event Title

Mud Monsters Ball

Event Date

3 June 2018 


The Mud Monsters Ball is a community event delivered with support from the Shire of York. The event provided families with the opportunity to take part in nature play activities at their own pace with activities including nature arm bands, a giant mud pit and cubby building. 

About the Event

The Mud Monster's Ball is the only event of its kind in Western Australia and featured five mud-themed activities, which form part of a nature play activity pack available on the Nature Passport app.

  • Cafe le mud 
  • Muddy monsters
  • Mud monster accessories 
  • Mud village 
  • Monster music and muddy moves 

As part of the partnership with Nature Play WA and the Shire of York, the custom Shire of York Nature Passport was created. This booklet was created to assist families to continue their nature play journey following their time at the Mud Monster's Ball.

The Shire of York Nature Passport provides a resource for local families and the local school, and is a fantastic tourism opportunity for visitors looking for free nature play activities while visiting York.


The Mud Monster's Ball was promoted through the following Nature Play WA marketing channels:

  • The Mud Monster's Ball Facebook event page reaching 18,400, with 1,700 people responding to the event (liking or attending the event). The Facebook event page had a total reach of 38,133.
  • Two Instagram posts were published promoting the Mud Monster's Ball. These posts reached a total of 1,261 people.
  • The Mud Monster's Ball was featured on the Nature Play WA website, with the three pages (event page, general page and FAQs) resulting in 1,714 unique views.

The Mud Monster's Ball was featured on the Nature Play WA App, with 3,909 users.

Attendee Feedback

Event attendees were asked to complete a post-event survey. Of those that completed the survey, the following feedback was received: 

  • 75% rated their experience at Mud Monster's Ball as 'very good' or 'excellent'
  • 67% of children at the event were under the age of five.
  • 80% of participants had never attended an event like the Mud Monster's Ball before.
  • 90% of pre-registered attendees reside outside of York.
  • More than 50% stated that the Shire of York Nature Passport booklet has inspired them to return to York to experience nature play.


The Mud Monster's Ball resulted in more than 1200 people visiting York on the weekend of 3 June.

Comments from attendees

  • The atmosphere was fantastic! 
  • Kids loved the opportunity to get as muddy (or a little muddy) as they wanted with no pressure to participate in scheduled events 
  • The concept was great - getting dirty and getting out in nature
  • We did a lot of the activities while we were there for the weekend, it made my child look closer at her surroundings and find activities that were not toys


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